Symptoms Of A Frightened Cat and How To Help Them

Below are some things you can do to calm your cat’s fears, but it requires time and patience.

Here are some basics:

  • Get schedule with your veterinary. First thing to do is get schedule and talk to your vet for your feared feline check up and for right medication.
  • Leaving your cat alone. If your cat is healthy but keep on hiding, leave him alone. He’ll come out when he’s ready. Forcing him out of his hiding spot or comfort zone will only make him more fearful. Make sure he could get easy access to his food, water and a litter box. You can also check your cat if he is doing al-right like eating and drinking by cleaning the litter box and changing the food and water every day.
  • Food and treats. Food or some treats are great motivator for cats, so if your cat is afraid of someone inside the house, give him the feeding task to accustom with him until fear within your cat disappears.

  • Play time. Find some time to play with your feared cat and this will give a good experience to him. Your time and attention to your feline will also help him to recover from the fear they have. Offer your cat some treats and toys to soften their fear. Always move slowly and avoid quick movements as you approach your feline. Encourage interaction,  with (some) toys cats can’t resist but give it space. A long feather wand is perfect because the cat can play with you while keeping what it perceives as a safe distance.
  • Always be calm. Cats feed off your stress so if you are the slightest bit stressed around them, they will be stressed too. The stress not only comes from your body language but also from your voice. Always speak in a calm and relaxed voice.
  • Ignore your cat. She will come around faster if you start with ignoring her (no picking her up, no petting, no reaching out to her, etc.)Any type of movement towards her, no matter how well intended, may be seen as you being aggressive towards her.

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