Symptoms Of A Frightened Cat and How To Help Them

Below are some common triggers that frightened your cat.

  • A quick movement and loud noise like thunderstorms or fireworks can startle and feared your pets like cats. Household appliances like vacuums, blenders blow dryers and the like that may scamper or hurry your cat. Also a loud music could cause fear in your feline friend even a quick moves might frightened your cat.

  • A strange environment or a new home
  • This could be a anything changes inside your house such furniture’s and the like or by simply moving in to a new home will completely scares your cat.
  • A strange person or animal or new person
  • It could be a new person joined or leaving the household. A new pets may also considered that may change your feline daily activities or routine.
  • An active child(hyper)
  • Most active children engaging in mishandling or improper behavior. Extremely or so much playing with a cat can lead to distrust and frightened them(such picking them up, following and playing with them).

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