Supercar Girls Every Guy Needs To See (20 photos)

For decades, a sales technique at auto shows employs female models attired in tight dresses or miniskirts wearing uncomfortable heels, smiling and posing enchantingly. Should they spoke at all, they recited from memorized scripts and seldom did they react to questions.

Since the first car trade shows, the models were eye candy who were hired to accentuate the cars and trucks on display and attract the attention of attendees. Glenn Campbell of Auto Writers commented, “The notion of having quite a girl up there attracted people, and if she could recite a pat speech, all of the better. She didn’t need much technical ability.”

At today’s auto trade shows, patrons are more likely to encounter both women and men in booths and displays who’re not only dressed more conservatively but are proficient in the vehicles they represent and the auto industry in general. Randy Pflughaupt, the Toyota Group’s vice president of marketing, stated, “Our power to communicate the advantages of Toyota products, to own them articulated by an income person, rather than by kiosks or fliers or brochures that individuals only hope is likely to be read, is clearly an advantage.”

Exactly the same principals connect with luxury and exotic car shows. Some attendees are car enthusiasts already knowledgeable about supercars, manufacturers seek to attract their attention and educate them on the most recent technological and performance-enhancing features of the exotic automobiles. Here are 20 photos of girls with supercars every guy needs to see, including internationally famous models, successful businesswomen, celebrities, and a good champion tennis player.

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