How To Give a Simple Purr-Fect Cat Bath

Important Tips

If you might find that you cannot bath your cat by yourself even If you’ve asked someone to help you holding and you’re still struggling, consider a professional groomer or ask your vet if they can bath your cat.


In bathing cats-the calmer you are, the calmer your cat will be. It is also important that you talk to your cat throughout the entire process (use a calm, soothing voice). Should you not lose your temper and yell at your cat. Lastly, do not rush the bathing process. Always remember Patience is the key to a successful cat bath.

Therefore, you should only bath your cat when you have enough or the required time and as needed. It should also be noted that, the earlier you introduce or practice bathing to your cat, the better. Cats that were bathed as kittens are generally easier to bath than older cats who are new to the process as a whole.


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