Best Adorable Cat Breeds for You and Your Kids

Ragdoll Cats

This breed was handed their name for their floppy characteristic. They called Ragdoll cats as “puppy-cat” due to its dog-like personality.One of the biggest breeds of cats and considered the all-around best buddy to just about everyone.

The absolute most affectionate, sweet and happy, relaxed, loving, and friendly, and often seek out human companionship, such as for instance following people around the house, leaping right into a lap or snuggling during intercourse whenever given the chance and sleeping with or flopping on their owners.

Ragdoll cat is particularly good with children and other pets and is easily trained to master the same tricks as dogs, such as for instance playing catch and fetch, rolling over or begging. If you’re buying companion, these easy going felines is actually a perfect addition to your activity and to your household as well.

Scottish Fold Cats

This breed of cat were first known as “lop-eared cats”, or with a trademark of folded ears that produce them more charming and adorable as well as possess an easy-going personalities and to be very sweet, loving and friendly. Irrespective of that they are also very smart.

The Scottish Fold is straightforward cat to reside with and to look after, also affectionate and is more comfortable with all members of her family including other house hold pets and good cats for children. Scottish fold cat can be noted for its soft voice and the ability to “speak” in a number of different-sounding purrs and meows not commonly heard in a great many other cat breeds.

These cats are sensitive, expressive, and active. They want to play and aren’t the best cats to leave home alone and prefer a companion. When you can provide this loving feline with the attention they crave and provide  their needs, they just may be the new family member you is going to be passion for her cute and sweet temperament.

Himalayan Cats

This breed of cat is wonderful for indoor companionship and possesses a peaceful and gentle nature and kitten-like behaviour. They look like a Siamese cats, and like the Persian, the Himalayan is sweet, docile and quiet. Himmies are beautiful with sweet temperament, intelligence, playful interaction and very social, however they can be quite moody sometimes. They really enjoys and loves an excellent game of catch and fetch of throw balls or even a kitty toys can simply entertained them. These cats bond well making use of their families, devoted and based mostly on their humans for companionship and protection.

The sweet thing about Himalayan cat will extend next to you, sleep in your bed and love to sit on your lap and choose to take more time with their human  than on their own and request for more attention, love and affection to be petted and groomed.

Exotic Shorthair Cats

The exotic cat’s have a light and calm personality reminiscent of the Persian, but are generally livelier than their long haired ancestors or their personality is often like of that a Persian cat who is sweet, affectionate and playful.

Aside of having a sweet personality they are also being attractive. Exotic cats are known showing a lot of affection and loyalty, and they love to follow along with their humans throughout the home or simply just they do not desire to be left alone. They enjoy hugs and cuddles and spending some time with their humans. With their gentle personality and rare meowing, they are considered to be always a good companions for children.

Siamese Cats

This breed of cat are perhaps popular for his or her sleek, distinctive appearance. Siamese cat is most sociable of felines with short-haired and blue-eyed breed. Irrespective of attractive, this cat can be Intelligent and highly social, and enjoy to be with children and other animals, particularly dogs. This active and playful breed seeks out companionship from human and love to follow along with their owners around the house, sitting laps or being during intercourse considered an ideal snuggle buddy.

Siamese cats are trainable for they are very curious and intelligent. They could be easily taught to play fetch, give high fives, and even walk on a leash.  While noted for their elegant looks, Siamese cat are energetic, very playful, sweet natured, and sociable creatures. This breed is well-suited for a loving  attentive owner. If that sounds as you, you could be consider of adding this beautiful feline in your household around.


This breed of cat is extremely popular not only because of their distinctive cute face, but additionally since they’re very calm, quiet and sweet but playful cats. The Persian’s sweet, gentle face turns up to gaze at his favorite people the way a pansy turns its face to the sun. He communicates with his expressive eyes and his soft, melodious voice. They crave human companionship but not demanding and are known for being patient with active children.

Persians are independent and selective in who they show affection to and loves to cuddle, but additionally playful and curious. If you should be looking for a best friend who’ll return all your dedication and love in kind, the Persian may be the right furry for your family.

Siberian Cats

This breed retains its kitten-like personality throughout life. A strong and highly intelligent, also describe as gentle giants but with a soft heart. This easy-going, social and confident cat is often known as “dog like” due to its loyalty and great companionship to his human.

Siberian cats are considered to be highly affectionate and loves attention, and they are pleased to snuggle up making use of their owner, loves to play with children and to play with laser toy is their favourite aside from catch and fetch, walk of a lead if  trained, hunting because they are natural adventurous, leaping from one high place to  another and fascinated in water. If you should be looking for a hot cuddle buddy for those cold nights not only in Siberia,then you definitely might look at the Siberian cat as  great addition furry member of the family for you.


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