Best Adorable Cat Breeds for You and Your Kids

Manx Cats

Manx cat is gentle and sweet, have an unbiased qualities of cats but like others they’re loyal, warm and playful and called famed tailless feline with the large round eyes. These breed of cat never get upset easily or they’re even-tempered and affectionate and adapt easily and a good road-trip companion, as she loves riding in cars.

This laid-back, placid cat makes an excellent pet for children. While they like to play catch and fetch activities, they even enjoys the water to play with. She loves to follow along with her human person round the house and twisting and curling through to their lap for  catching some “zzzz” and carry on a conversation with you in her quiet trill and takes an interest in what you’re doing.


Furthermore they are so protective that they may growl or attack a dog or even a person they suspect is a threat to their family. Everyone is looking not only for someone who could give protection to your family but importantly you could find a great companion and love in this cat and  consider as a new family member.


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