Best Adorable Cat Breeds for You and Your Kids

Maine Coon Cats

This breed is one of the largest of domestic cats and are noted for their intelligence making them simple to train. Having a sweet nature and can also be playful and known as well as their size called “gentle giants “.

Maine Coon cat is people-oriented and also posses the traits of being loyal, loving and affectionate without having to be needy, they’re adaptable, and they’ve kept their hunting instincts, which making them excellent companions. Like other cats or pets, they follow their owners from room to room, and enjoy to play with catch and fetch of throw balls or cat toys for they really love outdoor activities such farm or open area that they may roam around and they’re also fascinated by water.

Numerous in this breed is they are very patient and happy to received attention coming from their owners and want to be around, this cat might an ideal addition to your household should you consider to have.


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