Best Adorable Cat Breeds for You and Your Kids

Burmese Cats


The Burmese cat is just a very friendly and affectionate cat that needs attention from human beings to be happy, as well as an excellent companion and child friendly cats. Also noted for their playfulness and affectionate personalities, you and your household will undoubtedly be constantly entertained by their tricks.

Burmese cats have been proven to play with catch and fetch, so can be compared dog like. They don’t object to an active or busy household, but eventually will enjoy an active lifestyle with plenty of love and attention from young ones and from their humans.

In addition this breed, is very demanding, will follow and even climb owners leg throughout the house crying for attention begging to be picked up and cuddled! If your looking for a friendly sweet and affectionate addition to your family, then you might consider getting one.



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